Online CPR Classes in the Bay Area

Fraudulent CPR cards

Beware of CPR companies that issue CPR card to dogs.

Online CPR AHA class in San Francisco for nurses and doctors

Are online CPR & First-aid classes valid?

No. There are lots of online CPR classes available on the internet. Unfortunately, many of these are an internet scam. In order to receive a valid CPR certification card, you need to be in a classroom with a certified CPR  instructor and practice on manikins. We have lots of students that pay $40- $60 for an online CPR certification which is not valid and then they have to pay to take a real CPR class all over again. In order to receive an official American Heart Assocation CPR card, you must take the online testing, then come in to our classroom to practice on the CPR manikins.

The American Heart Association ACLS elearning course is not an online class. It involves testing over the computer combined with skills practice with an AHA instructor.

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