Infant & Child CPR Training for Bay Area Parents

Bay Area parents learn AHA CPR and First-aid

Bay Area Parents should learn CPR & First-aid

Parents who live in the San Francisco Bay Area should be trained in CPR and First-aid in case of a life threatening injury to their child. I have talked to many parents who have never attended a CPR and First-aid class since they say “I just hope it never happens to me.” However, that is not wise. It is very important to be trained to save your child’s life.

The number one cause of death in children is accidents. Be prepared. Learn what to do if your child is choking, if your child stops breathing, if your child is burned, if your infant breaks a bone, if your child is poisoned. The American Heart Association teaches Infant and Child CPR and First-aid training classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

CPR Class for Bay Area Parents

First-aid Class for Bay Area Parents

Combined CPR and First-aid Class for Parents (recommended)