CPR Certification Class for San Francisco Bay Area Dentists

Bay Area Dentists need CPR Training

San Francisco Bay Area Dentists must be CPR certified

Dentists in the San Francisco Bay Area are required to have current CPR certification as part of their license requirements. The American Heart Association provides CPR Certification plus CE credits after you attend a CPR class. Warning: Beware of the fake online CPR classes. They are not valid for your dental license. The Bay Area American Heart Association teaches official AHA CPR classes for dentists.

Dentists will receive their CPR certification card on the day of the class, and you only pay for the class if you attend. We understand that your dental practice can get busy and you may need to cancel your class at the last minute. Our phone number is 415-437-1600 or you can see our upcoming CPR courses below.

CPR classes for San Francisco Bay Area Dentists