CPR & First-aid Classes for Bay Area Babysitters

CPR Training for Babysitters

If you are currently a babysitter working in the San Francisco Bay Area, you must be certified in both CPR and First-aid. I am sure your clients will request a copy of your current CPR and First-aid card before you take care of their loved one. The American Heart Association teaches CPR and First-aid classes for babysitters.

The minimum age to attend a class is 10 years old. Classes are offered on the weekends and in the evenings in San Francisco. See below for our upcoming CPR and First-aid certification classes for babysitters. Or you can call us at 415-437-1600

CPR Class for Bay Area Babysitters

First-aid Class for Bay Area Babysitters

Combined CPR & First-aid class for Bay Area Babysitters (recommended)