What is shock and how is it treated in Pacifica, CA?   In many war movies we see a soldier succumb to shock during a fierce battle.  The hero grabs the soldier, slaps them on the face a few times and commands them, “Snap out of it!”  In reality shock can be caused by numerous factors, including emotional distress, and its treatment is more involved than a slap on the face and a command to snap out of it.

Shock occurs when oxygenated blood isn’t circulated throughout the body in an adequate manner, thereby starving vital organs of oxygen.  It’s a progressive condition that can become life threatening.  Some of the conditions that can lead to shock include heart disease, spinal cord and brain injuries, infection, an insufficient volume of blood caused by severe bleeding, respiratory problems, trauma, obstructions to the flow of blood, allergies, diabetes, and emotional distress.

In the early stages of shock the person in Pacifica, CA may appear anxious and apprehensive.  Their body temperature may be slightly lower than normal and they may be breathing rapidly.  Their pulse rate can be a little faster than normal, yet their blood pressure can be lower than normal.  Their skin can be pale, ashen, and cool.

As shock progresses to an advanced stage the victim will become confused, listless, and they may be unable to speak.  Their breathing will become slow, shallow, and irregular.  They’ll have a rapid, weak, irregular pulse, causing their blood pressure to drop.  Their skin will be cold, clammy, and pale.  Their pupils will be dilated.

Treating a person who’s in shock should begin by calling 9-1-1.  Calling for professional help is appropriate because shock can be a killer. Another great way to be prepared for such and event would be to take a First-Aid Class near Pacifica, CA.

If the person is bleeding use standard first aid practices to control it.  Any other injuries that they may have should also be treated using standard first-aid practices that you can learn with us in a First-Aid certification class in Pacifica, CA.

Have the person lie down on their back if there are no injuries which would prevent that.  Elevating the feet of a person in shock is no longer practiced.  It’s important to maintain their normal body temperature, so covering them with a blanket may be appropriate.  But be careful not to overheat them.

As a first-aid provider you should be calm and reassuring for the victim in Pacifica, CA.  Reducing their emotional distress is beneficial.  Don’t give them anything to eat or drink, even if they ask for it.  If the doctors decide that surgery is necessary, having anything in their stomach may cause the surgery to be delayed and you will learn all about this at your First-Aid training near Pacifica, CA.

Because shock can be caused by so many different conditions it’s important to watch for it whenever you’re administering first-aid.  Remember, shock by itself can lead to death.  If you suspect that someone is slipping into shock it’s important to treat it and then move them on to more advanced care as soon as possible.

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