grouponThis page is for those who purchased a Groupon Voucher

Mandatory Book Policy
All students must either bring in the 2016 American Heart Association First-aid CPR AED Book, or purchase the book on the day of the class for $20 (cash or check, no credit cards). You are not allowed to share a book (for example if a husband and wife are taking a class, they each must buy the book). The book is meant as reference after the course (it is not used much during the course). Every AHA course in the Bay Area and across the USA has this exact same mandatory book policy.

Voucher:  All students who are paying by Groupon must print out and bring in their voucher on the day of the class. If you forget to bring your printed out voucher, you cannot attend.

BLS Class: This voucher is not valid for the BLS CPR Class. This voucher is valid for the Heartsaver CPR and First-aid class or the Pediatric First-aid CPR class.

How do I register for a class?

Choose a city that is closest to you. Register for the class and bring in your voucher on the day of the class. Some of our sites have more classes. For example, we offer this class about once a month in Novato, but we offer this class about 8 times a month in San Francisco. With your certificate you can use any one of our 7 Northern California locations.

San Francisco CPR & First-aid Class

Concord CPR & First-aid Class

San Jose CPR & First-aid Class

Berkeley CPR & First-aid Class

Novato CPR & First-aid Class

Redwood City CPR and First-aid Course

Pleasanton/Dublin CPR & First-aid Class

Sacramento CPR and First-aid Class

Can I use this coupon for CPR for one day and First-aid another day?
No. This voucher is for the combined 5 hour Heartsaver CPR & First-aid class. However, you can decide to take just the CPR portion or just the First-aid portion, but you would not be able to take the courses on another day. Print out and bring your Groupon voucher on the day of the class.

Be Prepared for your Course – Watch some CPR Review Videos 

What do I need to bring to prove that I paid for the course?
Print out your Groupon voucher and bring it with you on the day of the class. Or if you have the Groupon app on your phone, we can redeem it this way.

What happens if I register for a class and then I can’t show up?
No worries. We are very flexible. If you cannot attend just send us a quick email that you cannot attend. You only use your voucher if you arrive and attend the course.

I am in the medical or healthcare field so I need the BLS Class. Can I use this voucher?
No. This voucher is only valid for the First-aid and CPR Class. If you purchased this by mistake, you can contact Groupon for a refund.

Do I need to mention the Groupon voucher when registering on the website?
No. Just be sure to bring your printed out Groupon voucher with you on the day of your class or have the app on your phone.

I am in the childcare field and I need EMSA Pediatric CPR and First-aid classes. Which class should I take?
The Groupon voucher is for the 5 hour Heartsaver CPR and First-aid class. If you are in the child care field and need the EMSA certification – you would need to take the 8 hour Pediatric CPR and First-aid class. You can use your Groupon voucher for this class.

My Voucher expired – what can I do?
Oops. We will still redeem vouchers up to 6 months after they expire.

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Bonus. Free Keychain CPR Mask ($10 value)

CPR Mask

Free Keychain CPR Mask

On the day of the class, you can receive a free keychain CPR mask. By using your mobile phone, you can check in on Facebook, Foursquare, or Yelp and receive the mask after class.

Any questions?
You can call us on our main phone number: 415-437-1600.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

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