Marin County CPR Classes

Marin County CPR classes are available through Safety Training Seminars. Marin County is just north of the San Francisco area and STS is making an effort to attract students from the surrounding areas. CPR is one of the most useful skills that a person can learn, and that is why STS is marketing their classes throughout the state of California. You can now learn another valuable skill not only to use for yourself, but to use to help others as well.

Students in Marin County; CPR Classes Through STS Learning how to save a life is invaluable and not everyone knows how to do it. CPR is one of the first things that teachers, parents, social workers, foster parents, and others should learn early in life. Basic First Aid is another practical skill set that everyone should learn, but CPR is definitely at the top of the list. STS offers several classes for CPR, Basic First Aid, Life Support and others to those who are interested. Those who are interested should sign up for their classes online; it’s easy and takes just a few minutes of your time. Registration should be done in advance, but there is no requirement to pay for the class in advance. STS believes that it is just common sense that you shouldn’t have to pay for something that you may not use, so this is why there is no need to prepay for the class. An emergency may arise and if it does you won’t have to pay for a class that you aren’t taking. The classes are inexpensive, with STS only charging $60 for the CPR training. This is a small price to pay for training like this that could potentially save someone’s life, and you never know when the training will come in handy.

Advantages to Taking Marin County CPR Training
There are several advantages to taking CPR training in Marin County through STS. STS is an organization that is dedicated to the learning and practice of CPR, Basic First Aid skills, and Life Support. Our classes take place at our own facilities rather than in the downtown area where students are required to park in the garage where they would have to pay for parking. Students shouldn’t have to pay for parking for a class that they are already paying for. Parking is free when you take your class for Marin County CPR.
Those who take their class for Marin County CPR will have the ability to pay on the day of the class rather than being required to pre-pay in advance. Students shouldn’t have to pay for a class that they might miss, which is why we don’t require you to pre-pay. If an emergency should arise you would be stuck paying for something that you aren’t able to use, so you can pay when you check in. You can find out what we have available and what is coming up in the near future when you go to our website at