AED/Defibrillator & CPR Training in San Francisco Bay Area

What’s public access to defibrillation?

Public access to defibrillation (PAD) means making AEDs available in public and/or private places where large numbers of people gather or people who are at high risk for heart attacks live.

What is an AED?

The automated external defibrillator (AED) is a computerized medical device.  An AED can check a person’s heart rhythm.  It can recognize a rhythm that requires a shock.  And it can advise the rescuer when a shock is needed.  The AED uses voice prompts, lights, and text messages to tell the rescuer the steps to take. AEDs are very accurate and easy to use.  With a few hours of training anyone can learn to operate an AED safely.  There are many different brands of AEDs, but the same basic steps apply to all of them.

Why should people who are responsible for operating an AED receive CPR training?

Early CPR is an integral part of providing lifesaving aid to people suffering sudden cardiac arrest. CPR helps to circulate oxygen-rich blood to the brain. After the AED is attached and delivers a shock, the typical AED will prompt the operator to continue CPR while the device continues to analyze the victim.

If AEDs are so easy to use, why do people need formal training in how to use them?

An AED operator must know how to recognize the signs of a sudden cardiac arrest, when to activate the EMS system, and how to do CPR. It’s also important for operators to receive formal training on the AED model they will use so that they become familiar with the device and are able to successfully operate it in an emergency. Training also teaches the operator how to avoid potentially hazardous situations.

What legislation is currently in effect to protect first responders who use an AED?

Senate Bill 911 protects lay rescuers while performing CPR and using an AED.

How much does an AED cost?

The price of an AED varies by make and model. Most AEDs cost between $1,000–$1,500.

What steps should an organization take to buy an AED for its premises?

Any person or entity wanting to buy an AED may first need to get a prescription from a physician. The AED should be placed for use within an AED program that includes these elements:

  • Training of all users in CPR and operation of an AED
  • Physician oversight to ensure appropriate maintenance and use of the AED.
  • Notifying local EMS of the type and location of AED(s).

How do we receive training?

Safety Training Seminars provides the AED/CPR Training course. The class is about 2.5 hours long and the price is $35 per person with a minimum of 14 students. If you currently have an AED, please mention to us which type you have. We have all the training models of all the different types of AED’s. If you do not have an AED yet, we can help you find one to purchase.

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