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When it comes to life and death situations, being prepared can make all the difference. Take the case of CPR (Cardio pulmonary respiration) for example. People who have received CPR training are capable of providing assistance in dozens of medical emergencies. Although the use of CPR is commonly linked with cases of cardiac arrest, there are dozens of other scenarios where it is just as effective. For instance, CPR can be used in relieving victims or people experience difficulties in their breathing. They can also be used in assisting adults or children who have experienced electrocution, drowning and even drug overdose. Bad CPR is widely agreed to be better than no CPR. But good CPR is a thousand times more effective. The best way of ensuring that people receive the right type of CPR is to learn how to do this properly. There are several ways of going about this.

A quick search on the web will reveal dozens of training manuals and guides that have been designed to teach people how to perform CPR correctly. However, although there is nothing wrong with this approach, you’re far more likely to perfect your CPR training by actually attending a local seminar  where you can physically practice the techniques being taught. Most of the more credible training centers have dummies and models that you can use in simulating various scenarios. Choosing to study CPR online is also tainted by the fact that there are many false sites online that offer invalid courses in CPR. Not every online program follows the official teaching guidelines of the American Heart Association. This is important when you consider the fact that the steps and guidelines linked with CPR are constantly reviewed and updated by such health organizations. If you’re going to learn CPR in Sunnyvale, you should  search for seminars or classes that have been accredited by recognized bodies such as the Red Cross or the American Heart Association.

Classes or seminars that have been accredited by these organizations will have all the right courses for your training. You’ll find courses that are designed for medical professionals, child care provider and members of the general public. You’ll even find refresher programs that will come in handy for people who already own previous certifications in CPR. Most seminars issue out accredited CPR certifications after the training is complete. This will come in handy if you’re planning on working in the medical field or as a health care giver. Seminars also provide invaluable details on CPR that an online course does not provide. Details such as how to handle sanitation during resuscitation or performing CPR on a child are addressed. An example of a good place to learn CPR in Sunnyvale is Safety Training Seminars (STS). Using the guidelines set by the American Heart Association, STS provides CPR certifications for members of the general public, health professionals and child care providers among other groups. You’ll be able to receive detailed training in comfortable their well equipped classrooms. For more information on CPR in Sunnyvale, visit

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